Welcome to the Piston discussion forum!


Discourse has generously offered free hosting for the Piston project.

This forum is for general discussion about Piston, such as:

  • Things that are not related in particular to a single library
  • Asking for help about using Piston in general
  • Tips and tricks
  • Find people to collaborate with and get in touch with Piston developers
  • Ideas and ambitions
  • Announcements of projects, events, sponsorship, jobs and collaboration with companies
  • Feedback, critique and success stories
  • Organization and requests for transferring ownership of projects to and from PistonDevelopers
  • Licensing and legal issues

For project related discussion or bugs, open up an issue on the individual repo under PistonDevelopers.
If you want to show off your project (video or screenshots), use https://www.reddit.com/r/rust_gamedev/ (link to IRC channel in the sidebar).
If you want to write up stuff that is done as part of the development, send a PR to the blog.

If you have feedback to give to give on the forum policy, post a comment below.

Forum policy (draft)

This is a forum for professional community as part of the working environment for people using and contributing to the Piston project.

Please abide by the Rust community code of conduct.

  1. When discussing directions for a project, remember that decisions are often based on analysis or heavily in favor of people working on the respective projects.
  2. Trolling, spamming and harassment will result in ban immediately indefinitely.
  3. Political discussion is not wanted here and such posts might be removed.
  4. Legal issues are expected to be taken seriously in a civil and evidence based way that is respectful to the equal rights of all parts involved, and will get high priority when there is evidence beyond reasonable doubt.