Drawing transparent windows with piston_window

I am currently trying to create a transparent window in piston_window. I am on Linux and only plan to support Linux platforms. Is there a way I can pass this to Glutin?

I’m also looking for this functionality - the underlying winit/glutin window classes support this across most supported desktop platforms.

I haven’t been able to find a way to get in between the piston::window::WindowSettings and its build() call, which doesn’t currently expose a way to pass in a transparency preference. Unless there’s a way for me to construct a winit/glutin window and then have piston initiate its OpenGL context atop it?

It seems as though adding related functionality to WindowSettings would make sense. Is this a contribution which would be welcomed?

I’ve also opened this issue in case discussions are more frequent on GitHub: https://github.com/PistonDevelopers/piston/issues/1338 :smile:

(Note: I intended to link to more code context in this post, but the forum software limited me to 2 links; it seems as though links to the piston project or to other GitHub URLs would be innocuous enough! Might be worth revising)